Mac to PC

I bought myself a Windows PC. I’ve owned a mac since around 2011 (before that, I owned a PC). I think it is a beautiful piece of hardware. So why do I decide to switch back ?

1) Expensive upgrade: Mac minis at their base prices are actually quite competitive. I was tempted to buy a mac mini. But once upgrade (e.g. over $300 for RAM upgrade) is factored in, it becomes expensive. Furthermore, the upgradeability of Mac is poor. If you are happy with the un-customised offerings, they are pretty good. But if you need a bit more, they are very expensive.

2) File management: I found Finder to be clumsy. I’m yet to find a nice tool for file management (e.g. in Windows, I really like Total Commander). Apple seems to think that you don’t know how to manage your file; and they really want to organise the file for you. There’re some scary stories like this:

Apple’s attitude of “it just works” is oversimplified and condescending.

I hate how you can’t control to the full extend what you back up on your iOS devices. For example, you can’t backup your Zinio or Newstand magazines; and you are required to re-download on every iOS devices that you have.

3) Better hardware support/drivers, in some occassions: for example in my printer at home, the windows driver allows us to print double sided easily. I found printer and scanner sharing between windows computers are just much easier than mac to windows combo.

4) Better productivity software compatibility: I work around this by using Windows VM; but to be able to run it natively is better. I have applications that are windows specific at my work, e.g. Microsoft Visio and Sparx Enterprise Architect.

For most of the applications that I’m using, I think the apps have been created for Windows before being ported to Mac. So the experience is much better in Windows than in Mac. Microsoft office is much more sluggish and clumsy in Mac - and looks like an after thought. Some apps like truecrypt and atom also not as mature as their windows variant.

One of the reason why I bought Mac was Apple Aperture which is now discontinued; and other Apple specific apps (Garage Band, Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro X, etc) which either I don’t really need or I can find an alternative for.

5) I actually find the user interface of some of the latest Apple applications (e.g. iTunes) to be much worse than it used to be. I found myself needing to click more than before.

6) They are not as stable as they are advertised. An upgrade to El Capitan killed my computer - I had to reinstall everything. Similar story:

7) Mac software development: one of the reason why I bought a mac is that I was thinking one day I want to write some iOS apps. But after a few years, that has never happened. And as mentioned earlier, I’m actually not as productive with mac.

I do like unix command line tool, but I can achieve most of what I need using applications like Cygwin.

Update 25/12/2016

Recent articles about Mac to Windows switchers:

For me I think if you are not a power user and you want to get a baseline mac, go get it, they are awesome. But for power user that needs more RAM and more HDD, their upgrade price is just way too much. And in the past, they enable you to do a DIY upgrade, but not anymore. So I’m not a fan of mac anymore (despite I was for a fan for a long time).


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